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Digital Payment Disrupter

My BANK PAL is the fastest, most secure and confidential way to pay & send money worldwide for FREE!


Accept MY BANK PAL payments at your retail location

Drastically reduce your business dependency on Cash as a payment method!!

Accept My Bank Pal payments for as little as $1.00 per transaction, regardless of transaction size!

Funds are credited to your account in real-Time

No Reserves, No Volume Limits, No Chargebacks

Upon account approval, we  will  notify you, all you  would need to do is download an app, install a QR scanner and you then can  accept My Bank Pal payments. Yes we can provide the scanner, you can rent it or  purchase it. Funds from sales are credited to your my Bank Pal account immediately in real-time, funds are  available for your use immediately, pay bills, do payroll, transfer  to  your bank account, or leave funds  in  your My Bank Pal account for future use, you are in control of your funds.
Official Launch MARCH 1, 2018
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