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My BANK PAL is the fastest, most secure and confidential way to pay & send money worldwide for FREE!


How  it  works for  the  consumer

Download  the  app  from  the  app  store  (Android  or  i-phone),  register  your information to  open account.   Load  one  or  more  credit/debit cards into  the  system and  or a bank  account  for  loading  your  wallet.   Once  you  have  funds  in  your  wallet  you may spend those  funds at  any enrolled  merchant.   Go  to  a  enrolled  merchant select  you purchase, enter  the  amount  into  your  wallet  to  create a QR  code or  transaction number, Have  the  merchant scan the  QR  code or  enter  the transaction number, your purchase  is  now complete.
Consumers are charges a transaction fee of $1.50 for each transaction conducted with an enrolled Merchant.

How  it  works  for  an  enrolled  Merchant.

Download the app, and enter your details to open a merchant account. 
When a consumer presents  a  QR  code scan  it,  or  enter  the  transaction code,
Once  you  scan  the  QR  code  or  enter  the transaction  number  produced  by  the  consumer’s phone,  you  will  see a transaction  complete  message,  the funds are  immediately credited  to your  MY BANK PAL account.  You  may  go  into  your  MY  BANK  PAL  portal  at any  time and  transfer funds to  your  US bank account, or  you  may  pay  bills or  load  funds to  a  MY BANK  PAL issued debit  card.

A Fee  of  $1.25  is  charged  to  the merchant  for  each  retail transaction accepted.
You may transfer funds as often as you like. The fee for a transfer is $2.00 each.

Official Launch MARCH 1, 2018
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